Identity Theft…Protect Yourself

IDENTITY THEFT… Protect yourself

If you feel that you have been a victim of fraud there are a few steps to control any damage that may result.

Place an alert on your credit report. An alert is a precaution. When an alert is placed on your report, a caution flag will appear if someone applies for credit in your name. This tells the lender that you are potentially a victim of fraud and they should be sure that they positively identify the applicant. Call 800-680-7289 to place an alert. An automated system will require you to enter in personal information, i.e. name, social security number and mailing address. This information is shared with all three major credit-reporting agencies and an alert is then placed on all three of your reports for 90 days.

Typically if damage is going to happen, it will happen within that time frame. You can call and place another alert when the 90 days expires if you think you are still at risk. TransUnion will send you a letter verifying the alert and provide you with a phone number to reach a representative if you have additional questions.

Order a copy of your credit report from the three major credit-reporting agencies. It is suggested to order a copy of your reports at the time you have discovered the potential fraud as well as when the 90 days has expired. To do so, go to

Monitor your checking and savings accounts as well as credit card accounts. If you don’t have the capability to monitor those accounts, for example online, then contact your banking institutions and advise them of the potential fraud.

For additional information, you may contact TransUnion at or Identity Resource Center at

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