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Free Budget Counseling

Free budget counseling is provided by Consumer Credit of the Quad Cities to people who are concerned with their finances due to layoff, divorce, over obligation, catastrophic illness, or also any other reasons. Our certified credit counselors will analyze your current income and also living expenses to help you create a budget that allows you to meet reasonable financial goals.

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Free Debt Management Analysis

During your FREE confidential counseling session, we will review your debts. We help assess options to fix debt problems. Options can include a plan for self-pay, consideration of debt refinancing, bankruptcy referral, or also our Debt Management Plan. The Debt Management Plan is appropriate when you won’t be able to pay down your unsecured debt in a reasonable time-frame without significant help from your creditors. Most creditors will work directly with Consumer Credit as a means of resolving any outstanding balances. Typically, creditors will reduce payments, finance charges, and also eliminate fees for Consumer Credit clients.

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