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Is Your Debt Hazardous to Your Health?

Is Your Debt Hazardous to Your Health? Kelly Hunt, Credit Counselor, Consumer Credit of the Quad Cities   Are you having problems sleeping at night because you’re too worried about your debt and how you’re going to pay it? Are creditors calling you what seems like non-stop and you just can’t get a good night’s […]

Fritter Finder

Fritter Finder Do you ever wonder where your money goes? Do you find yourself having more month than money? If so, this form may be for you! For one full week, carry the “Fritter Finder” around with you and track every cent you spend. At the end of the week, you will have a clearer […]

How to Budget and Save

Why Save? Everyone knows it is important to save money. Not only does it help you prepare for an emergency, but it gives you a sense of security and freedom. Savings can also give you the money you need for a down payment on a home. Savings is often hard to do, but one way […]

Do You Have a Financial Problem?

Are you wondering if you need to make an appointment with us at Consumer Credit of the Quad Cities? Take this quick quiz to take a look at your finances. Do you carry a balance on your credit cards and use the cards for basic necessities such as groceries or gas? Have you taken out […]

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

PENNY WISE, POUND FOOLISH By Kelly Hunt, Credit Counselor Consumer Credit of the Quad Cities   Have you ever heard the expression “Penny Wise, Pound Foolish”? It is referring to someone that is so frugal that they won’t spend a little bit of money in order to save themselves more money in the long […]

Tools for Debt Relief

As Americans get deeper into debt, they are beginning to look for other options to help them get back on a good financial footing. There are several tools for debt relief, with some being helpful and others having a potential of causing more harm. Some of the options are bankruptcy, payday loans, debt settlement, refinancing, […]

Do You Have a Debt Problem?

Just about every adult in America has some stress when it comes to finances, but how do you know if it is a debt problem or just one of the joys of being an adult? If you are living paycheck to paycheck and only using cash, when the money runs out, you have no choice […]

What is “Too Much Debt”?

What is “Too Much Debt”? Just about everyone you know has some amount of financial debt. It may be a few bucks to a friend or thousands to a creditor. The debt may be in the form of a credit card balance, medical bill, or car loan. Debt isn’t always a bad thing, it can […]

Heal Your Medical Debt

Medical debt is like a double punch. It’s bad enough that you or your family were sick or injured, but now you have large medical bills looming over you. According to a study by the American Journal of Medicine, medical bills were the cause of 62% of bankruptcies in 2007. In addition, the study showed […]